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About Mountain Views

Nestled in the rolling green foothills of Monroe, WA in full view of the glorious Cascade mountain range is a one-of-a-kind Bed and Breakfast that’s changing how pot and tourism intersect.

Mountain Views B&B is the brainchild of Tracy Rice, who has operated her B&B on the property since January 2014. She has slowly added to her eclectic collection of tiny houses, outdoor chill-out lounges, and has crowned the property with 3 beautiful treehouses.

"Walking around the outside of the largest [Potleaf] treehouse feels like a dream, with plants happily growing in the sunbeams that drift through the trees. Opening the custom cut door reveals a beautiful five wall design, with hand molding and painted walls of beautiful shimmering pastel colors, with a peaked roof of glass that lets light enter, and custom cut windows facing out into the forest. If it sounds like living in a dream, it really is."

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Guests have the option of renting one of three tree houses, one of two tiny houses, or a full suite in the main house, which includes access to a hot tub and other amenities. Whether inside or outside, guests are likely to meet Veggie Might, Tracy’s pet pig, who often wears tutus and is fully house trained. She also has an African Grey Parrot named Juma Sultan, who likes to question people “Where’s my Marijuana?”

The property and vibe reflects the personality behind the B&B, where Tracy is a superhost with an easy laugh and an engaging personality that immediately puts guests at ease. Her goal is to continue to expand the property, and to let people know that it is just a short drive out of the city.

Dog, pig, and parrot in house
Dog, pig, and parrot in kitchen
Dogs and parrot on the couch
Pig in marijuana tutu

"Siri isn’t used to looking for magical tree houses, so don’t believe your GPS when it suggests turning left toward an angry looking collection of signs promising to shoot trespassers on sight. You haven’t yet arrived."

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We were featured on the 2018 Hipcamp Bucket List at #13. Live Out Your Fantasies in One of These Treehouses

We have also been featured in Northwest Leaf, July 2018 edition; read it here (we're on page 42-43)

Who wouldn't want to get high in a treehouse?

Photos by Daniel Berman

Bud + Breakfast Get-away

Mountain Views has also been featured by High Times Magazine's 'Best Bud & Breakfasts in America'. You can read the full article HERE.
"On your next vacation, make a getaway to a hospitable bud and breakfast in a canna-legal state where you can enjoy one-of-a-kind accommodations with a local mom-and-pop vibe. Since being officially 420-friendly is prohibited in a hotel setting, this lends itself to a not-so-underground network of homestays that allow visitors to exist in a supportive atmosphere, stay in a customized room, connect with nature and/or add some other level to their canna-tourism experience."


Potleaf Treehouse

"It’s hard to underestimate what a true getaway the Potleaf Treehouse is, as it’s an actual naturally constructed house for two in a tree, built by Washington legend SunRay Kelly. Set in the forest along with two tiny caravans in the complex, you’re surrounded by nature in its purest form (that is, with WiFi) and accommodated by an outdoor shower and separate but pristine outhouse. The fire pit and hot tub are all you need to enjoy the nighttime country views over discounted purchases from a nearby dispensary. Animal lovers will enjoy the company of the resident horse, donkey and miniature pig. Smoking is allowed indoors and out — and room rates start at $225 per night."


  • Guests must be 21 years of age or older.

  • Marijuana may be consumed anywhere on the premises (but no ladders onto the roof please).

  • Groups over 6 must be approved.

  • Dogs must be approved.

  • Guests may not invite their own guests (No renegades).

  • Cancellations are refunded for 50% up to 30 days prior to your booking.

  • As the grounds are also a private home, they are not open to the public without reservation and prior communications, so please, no drop-ins.

  • Shoes off in the tree houses.

  • Pick up after yourself and leave no trace on the land; messes will be charged extra!

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